Fertility Massage Therapy

At Vibrance Bodywork we offer the "The Shared Journey Fertility Program" with Mercier Therapy. This therapy is ideal for couples in need of a natural and significantly less invasive approach to fertility issues. If you are struggling to conceive, exhausted and overwhelmed from lack of results then Mercier Therapy is your alternative, and is a gentle and effective means of conception support. Mercier Therapy is backed by a 4-year evidence-based study, with an 83% pregnancy success rate. Trained directly by Dr. Mercier, Liliana brings her expertise, and care to your unique journey.

Mercier Therapy is:

  • A deep pelvic visceral manipulation of the uterus and ovaries that support conception, aligns the uterus, and increases circulation to the pelvis.

  • An affordable alternative or adjunct to ART. The average cost of IVF in California is $12,400 compared to Mercier Therapy’s cost of $2,800.

  • Effective; while IVF success hovers around 23%, 4 year evidence-based study concluded an 83% pregnancy success rate with Mercier Therapy.

  • Tailored to you. Mercier Therapy may be utilized as a stand-alone therapy, or as a primer for the body to prepare for IUI or IVF treatments, and as a method of continued care for those with lifelong pelvic conditions, such as endometriosis.

  • Desgined to support you. During the Mercier Therapy Shared Journey Fertility Program, you’ll receive physical, emotional, & informational support over the 6 weekly one-hour sessions, and then beyond that by telehealth, text and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone who shouldn't  have Mercier Therapy?

Yes. Anyone with an IUD, Essure, current pelvic infection, or cancer cells present cannot receive this therapy. Women with endometriosis cannot receive this therapy during their menstrual cycle, but may receive the work before and after.

Why is the fertility work structured as a program?

The work is structured as a total of six hours of treatment because we have seen this to be the best method for successful outcomes as well as accountability. Liliana shares this journey with you to support you towards your ultimate conception success. The work is structured as 6 one hour sessions, spaced one week a part, but may be condensed if there’s travel required to access treatment, or if you’re preparing for a medically assisted cycle.

What will the work feel like?

Mercier Therapy is deep, precise, organ-level work. If there are any restrictions in the pelvis, the work may be uncomfortable, but should not be painful. Liliana works with your preferences, and syncs her work with your breath with some of the deeper work to alleviate discomfort.

How does Mercier Therapy compare to IVF treatment?

Mercier Therapy is a natural means of promoting fertility by optimizing the function of the reproductive organs. It works by promoting blood flow and releasing scar tissue in the pelvis from a sedentary lifestyle, past C-section or other abdominal surgeries, accidents, sexual trauma or traumatic birth, or endometriosis. It may be used as a stand-alone therapy or as a preparation of the body for IUI or IVF treatments to help augment the chances of a successful ART cycle. Unlike IVF, Mercier Therapy is non-invasive, more cost effective, has no long-term health consequences, and is often more emotionally supportive of the woman and her partner.

What happens if I conceive before the end of my treatment program?

Any remaining sessions may be used after delivery. This work is very helpful post-delivery as well.

What makes Liliana unique in her approach to Mercier Therapy?

Liliana has trained extensively in various modalities and techniques in order to support women preparing for motherhood. Her years of experience has made her adept at supporting women and their partners during emotionally charged and vulnerable times. In addition, Liliana's advanced training in reiki adds elements of soothing and relaxation which compliment the deeper, intense work that  Mercier Therapy entails.

Take a peek at Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy. The full length documentary is available on Amazon and iTunes.

What is the cost of The Shared Journey Fertility Program?

The Shared Journey Fertility Program - $2,800

The $200 Consultation is deducted from the cost of the program if you decide to move forward with the series after our preliminary meeting. Learn more HERE, and schedule your consultation to see if Mercier Therapy might be right for you.